“Today will be a day long remembered…”

BlogMad(beta) has arrived!!! If you were one of the people smart enough to sign up early, you can go and see it for yourself finally!!! It is truly a sight to behold in the world of Blog Traffic. BlogMad can get you INSANE amounts of Traffic to your Blog!

For anyone who hasn’t signed up yet, there’s still a chance to get a peek! A select few users will be allowed entry via invite. I just so happen to have a few of those invites. I offer you this deal: summarize my blog in one paragraph (five sentences), leave it as a comment, and I’ll give you an invite. Just like gmail, I’ll need an email address to send the invite to.

If you’re CRAZY about your Blog Traffic, then BlogMad has exactly what you need.

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The New Kingdom

I felt that I must share with you the bestest, most greatest music video of all time.



Wanna know the good news? That was just the demo cut! You can view the final version at www.kaledon.com.

I was gonna bang a goat for free pizza, but Carrie said it wasn’t a good idea. I was like “fuck. I like pizza.”.

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BugDay is upon us!

“BlogMad’s Bug Day promises to be a fun filled day full of surpises.

Saturday the 25th of February will see us opening the doors of BlogMad to selected people that are found wandering about on the forums. For one day only.

The Beta testing team plus selected members wil be allowed to start the ball rolling on the site.

It will be a day of interviews , ideas, bug fixing, games, tournaments, random prizes and whatever else we can think of.

There will be a couple of webcams set up with streaming so that BlogMad members can watch the crew at work.”

Yup, that’s right! BlogMad is looming over the horizon, and it’s gonna blow you all away. Even in it’s infancy, it’s leaps and bounds more appealing than any other traffic service I’ve used in the past. The interface is sleek and modern. They employ a system that makes sure your viewers can’t cheat and click early (unlike the “bigger” traffic services out there). The games are very fun and interesting, and best of all, can earn you credits. Watch out Blogosphere; BlogMad is coming!

to find out more about BlogMad and bugday, come check out the forums. Random users will be selected to preview the upcoming traffic service! And I hear they’re serving punch and pie 😀

BlogMad is teh pwn 😉

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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What’s tha 419?

I always knew that most of the people I’m surrounded by are stupid. That’s a given. But I never knew just how stupid some of these people were, until I heard of the 419 scams.

I guess it’s like this: Some time in the 80’s, faxes and snailmail started coming out of Nigeria claiming to be from bank employees, lawyers, etc., talking about some bank account they stumbled upon, containing millions and millions in US dollars. The owner of the account has been long dead, and the evil government will just take back in all that cash if something isn’t done about it. That’s where you come in. They need someone outside of Nigeria to help setup another account, and claim that money as next of kin, what have you. All you have to do is help them out, and you’ll will net 20% of this newfound fortune!!!

Of course, there’s plenty of expenses in setting up this account, and getting the proper documentation in order. But what the hell, when you stand to gain so much, what’s a few thousand dollars here and there?

I shit you not, officials state that these kind of scams pull in HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS from the fucking US alone every year. It’s called Advanced Fee Fraud, and there’s thousands of variations on the scam described above. The people that pull these scams are referred to as 419 scammers. 419 is the section in the Nigerian Legal code that covers these types of operations.

From what I’ve gathered, they sit in cybercafes all day and night, harvesting emails, sending emails, and corresponding with the victims (read: fucking morons). They get emails from website guestbooks (guestbooks are soooooo 1996), and start the mass mailings. They also tag these guestbooks once they’ve been harvested. It looks like gibberish to the average English speaking person, but holds meaning to the criminals. I don’t care to post these terms on the blog, as I don’t know if they search for these terms myself. You’ll see.

As far as I can tell, not much is being done about these scammers. Some report these scams as Nigeria’s 5th largest industry, being used to fund drug trafficking and terrorist activities. It’s also gone far beyond the reach of Nigeria as well. All over West Africa, in many parts of Europe, and even in the US and Canada, people are pulling 419 scams. I feel many authorities are reluctant to address the problem simply because if you’re fucking dumb enough to hand over thousands and thousands of dollars to people over the fucking Internet, you really didn’t need that money in the first place, because you are far too stupid to live. The only problem I see with it, aside from possibly funding terrorists, is that it’s taking money out of our economy with no return.

There are a few who are prepared to deal with the scamming scum. They’re called scambaiters, and they’re my new addiction. Scambaiters have redefined the term “pwn3d” (if there ever was a definition in the first place). I won’t spoil it for you, but know that these scambaiters are true artists. With that, I leave you with a few links…


Artists Against 419

419 Eater

** I refer to the victims as morons, with the exception of the elderly. I understand that computers and the internet may be confusing to them. I’ve read of cases where a son bought his aged mother a computer so she could keep in touch with the family via email, and probably had no instruction on how to deal with spam, and wouldn’t understand how mass mailings work. Tell your grandma about spam, for your inheritance’s sake.

As and added bonus, I’ve decided to show you just how popular 419 scamming is over there.

Yup. I think the lyrics are in Pidgin English, so here is both the original and the translation into plain English.

Oh yeah. We got bags of Cracker Jacks now too.

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Open letter to a redneck…

I think being proud of your skin color is retarded, especially since you didn’t have to do anything to earn it, work for it, anything. I think you should be proud of accomplishments, not things you were born with. I don’t feel proud to be white, nor American. These are things that were just handed to me.

I sure as shit don’t want to claim caucasians, because white people as a whole pretty much suck. Fuck racism, because white people look down upon our (the metal) community just as much as they do people of color. I was really put off by someone making an “us and them” comparison. I don’t think it makes much sense to lump all whites together with all {insert non-white ethnicity here} and say “we” and “they”. Who’s we? Cause it sure as hell didn’t include me.

I hate wiggers too, but I blame their parents more than I blame rap artists and black people. I doubt most of the sagging pants and upside down visors you see were bought with money from after-school jobs.

I think saying that blacks make their money primarily from basketball and entertainment is an uneducated statement. What do you know about the black community besides what the MSM tells you? How many black families have you spent a decent amount of time with? Yet you say they all have one common goal?

And who the fuck calls you cracker or honky? In my 27 years, I don’t think I’ve been called these names out of anger once.

And WET? It’s called “every fucking channel but like 3 of em”. Or something similar.

How do ethnic holiday effect you negatively? Do you celebrate Christmas? That’s a fucking christian holiday (or was at one point) that’s forced down everyone’s throat for like 3 months a year.

Even though I’m just talking out my ass, I feel confident in this statement: even if the US was 110% peckerwoods, we’d still have just about as much violent crime, drug use, etc. People are shit, no matter how much melanin they have. It’s just more convenient to blame it on subtle differences.

Look at the fucking Irish. How long have those fucking Micks been tossing bombs at each other? It doesn’t get much whiter than that. How is that any better than all of what goes down “n tha hood”?

And on the subject of blacks getting away with more at work? I’d say that’s the cracker ass US legal system at work, not blacks. You see it as them getting away with more, but it’s your employer buckling under fear of lawsuit. The manager just assumes that since they’re black, they’re gonna sue. I’m guessing that you’ve been in a situation where you were reprimanded for something where a black worker was not. Is that the fault of the black employee, or the employer?

Our REAL enemies are MTV Networks, Frito-Lay, and Disney. Think about that.

(this was originally posted in response to a few comments about racial pride, made in a heavy metal forum)

Chris Pirillo is a hate monger. Chris Pirillo has probably never read my blog before. I’d like to hear Chris Pirillo’s view on things, because many have likened him to Hitler. Others have likened Chris Pirillo to Jesus. I think Chris Pirillo is just Chris Pirillo.

(yes i’m mad no one has commented on this yet :P)

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The Power of Christ Impales You

Dude, this is the worst fucking shit I’ve ever read. Ever. Is it even legal to try to brainwash kids with this shit? How dare they banish the All Mighty Joe Camel, and allow garbage like this to continue. They don’t even post a warning or anything. View at your own risk.

If you don’t like fancy shit, follow this link.

Oh, and I don’t give a fuck what anyone says; ID and Creationism is just retarded.

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